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Tax compliance service
in Malaysia.

Acclime can look after all of your Corporate Tax compliance needs. Our services cover everything from Company tax registration to preparation of corporate tax returns and assistance with the Sales and Services Tax (SST) regime. Naturally, we will also advise on options for reducing tax liability.

Tax compliance service in Singapore

Stay on top of your tax compliance.

On-time flings & returns

We calculate and file your tax returns accurately and on time, making sure you won’t face any penalties or late fees.

Always up to date

Our professionals always stay current with the regional and local tax regulation changes.

Strategic tax advisory

We offer strategic tax advice on topics such as optimising your tax spending, decreasing the risk of double taxation, tax incentive systems and more.

Corporate & personal annual tax compliance

Our tax compliance services.

Corporate tax compliance.

  • Corporate tax registration

    Our tax team will help you make sure your business is fully compliant in its mandatory tax registrations. We will:

    • Obtain statutory information and other relevant information from the Company
    • Prepare and complete the corporate tax registration
    • Follow up with Tax Authority for the issuance of Corporate Tax Registration number


  • Corporate tax e-filing registration & submission

    Once your business is registered as a tax payer, we will complete the e-filing registrations for you. This involves:

    • Arranging for the completion of CP55B and letter of authorisation for the signature by the local resident director, and a copy of the identification card of the Director. This form is an application by the company for a PIN so as to allow e-filing of tax returns.
    • Arranging for the submission of CP55B and follow up with IRB for the issuance of e-Pin
    • Obtaining the profit estimate from the Company for the year


  • Preparation of profit estimate for the completion of CP204 or CP204A Form

    Our tax team will assist with the preparation, authorisation and submission of the required tax estimates as follows:

    • Obtain the historical financial information, discuss with the management on individual financial information for the purpose of profit estimate
    • Prepare draft profit estimates and discuss/finalise the profit estimate for the Directors’ approval and signature
    • Submit the tax estimate form CP204/CP204A to the IRB


  • Monthly tax payment CP204

    Companies need to pay their estimated tax in monthly instalments. Our service to assist your compliance with this requirement covers:

    • Sending reminder email for the tax payment
    • Prepare Form CP207 (instalment payment form) together with the tax instalment to IRB
    • Payment of instalment at IRB counter
    • Email acknowledgement copy and official receipt from IRB for the Company’s record


  • Annual corporate income tax filing assistance

    Our annual corporate income tax filing service includes:

    • Preparation of corporate income tax computation
    • Completion of corporate income tax filing forms
    • Arrangements for the filing with the tax authorities
    • Tax payments in cheque/bankers cheque obtained from management


  • Withholding tax filing assistance

    Administering withholding tax correctly can be complicated, especially for firms entering Malaysia from abroad. Our service helps you maintain strict compliance while assisting to ensure full tax benefits are being applied. In providing this service, we will:

    • Obtain the payment information for the completion of the relevant withholding tax filing form
    • Obtain tax residence certificate of the payee to enjoy double tax agreement (“DTA”) benefit, if applicable
    • Obtain cheque payment from the Company, collate and compile for the submission to the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia
    • Submit and make payment to the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia counter, and obtain official tax receipt for record


  • Sales and Services Tax (SST) Services

    Malaysia repealed the Goods and Services Tax Act 2014 (GST Act) and introduced the new Sales Tax and Service Tax (SST) framework from 1 September 2018. Broadly, tax at either 5% or 10% will apply to goods manufactured or imported into Malaysia. Exports of good are not taxable. A tax of 6% will apply to services provided in Malaysia e.g. hotels, restaurants, electricity, phone, professional services etc.

    SST registration

    • Obtain statutory information and other relevant information from the Company
    • Prepare and complete the SST application for Company’s approval
    • Arrange to submit to the Custom Authority and follow up with the SST registration number

    SST preparation & filing

    • Obtain the SST report generated from the computerised accounting system
    • Obtain the bi-monthly management accounts and all relevant supporting information and documentation in relation to SST submission
    • Prepare and complete SST return and arrange for Company approval before submission
    • Co-ordinate for the payment of SST to the Custom Authority. SST payments must be received in Acclime’s trust account seven working days prior to the payment dateline.

    One-time registration/
    Bi-monthly filing


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Personal tax compliance.

  • Personal income tax return

    In personal tax return preparation, we help identify the reliefs and deductions you are entitled to and make sure they are factored into your returns in the most tax-efficient way.

    If you receive income from other sources such as rental property, shares or other assets, we help you ascertain the expenses that can be off-set against your income or avail of tax exemptions where applicable.

    We will prepare and file your annual tax return, verify the assessments issued by the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia and lodge objections or appeals, if required. For expatriate employees working in Malaysia, we help develop and structure remuneration packages to enhance tax efficiencies, advise on special schemes and tax residency, advise on the taxability of shares or options received as part of your remuneration package and obtain tax clearance upon termination of employment in Malaysia.


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