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Payroll outsourcing services in Malaysia.

Get comprehensive payroll outsourcing services for your Malaysia business. Our experienced and skilled staff can help you streamline your payroll processes, stay compliant and free up your team from these time-consuming monthly tasks.

Payroll outsourcing service in Hong Kong

Leave your payroll to
our in-country experts.

Get comprehensive payroll outsourcing services for your Malaysia business. Our experienced and skilled staff can help you streamline your payroll processes, stay compliant and free up your team from these time-consuming tasks.

Integrated tax compliance

Besides accurate and timely payroll calculating and processing, we can also integrate a full compliance service.

Robust security

Strict confidentiality of personal details and salary information through secured systems and procedures.

Professional support

Expert payroll and tax support when you need it via effective and efficient communications with you and your staff.
Payroll services

Flexible and scalable payroll solutions.

Whatever the compensation and benefit policy that your company has, we will provide complete, accurate and timely reports. Our complete payroll services cover all aspects of the process and can be custom-configured and scaled to your needs.

  • Payroll

    A. Initial payroll setup

    We will import your employee data and set up the payroll system to your specific needs, regardless of what compensation and benefits policy your company has (net or gross, taxable or non-taxable income, recurring or non-recurring payments).

    What is included?


    B. Monthly payroll services*

    Each month, we will alert you to confirm essential employee details, such as salary, leaves and more. We will then handle all your payroll calculations, statutory contributions, filings, salary payments and other paperwork for you. You only need to review and approve. Detailed reports, including payslips and other documents, will be available to you online on the client-service platform.

    What is included?


    C. Helpdesk

    We will provide virtual help desk support to answer employee queries about their payroll. These are channelled through the authorised person in your company.


    D. Year-end services

    We will prepare and submit all the necessary year-end returns, filings and tax forms for each employee.

    What is included?


  • Client self-service portal

    Managing the payroll is easy and efficient with our cloud-based client self-service portal. With interfaces for employees (employee self-service) and management (management self-service), both parties have access to relevant information pertaining to them and can seamlessly manage:

    • Employee data
    • Employee attendance
    • Requesting and managing leave
    • Claiming expenses and more


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Intial payroll setup.

  • Initial setup in the payroll software
  • Input the employees’ personal data
  • Upload payroll history of employees
  • Define and agree with the company regarding the information and document flow
  • Register the company with a Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) scheme and arranging for all staff to be enrolled

Monthly payroll services.

  • Maintaining employee salary records
  • Processing of salaries including overtime, allowances, expenses and deductions
  • Processing of commission payments
  • Preparing and submitting monthly statutory contributions to Employees Provident Fund (EPF),Employment Insurance System (EIS), Social Security Organisation (SOCSO) and Inland Revenue Board (IRB)
  • Generating monthly payroll reports
  • Distribute net salaries to the employees’ bank accounts
  • Issuing payslips to employees
  • Attending to employee enquiries on payroll matters
  • Joiners & leavers management

Year-end services.

  • Preparing Form EA for the employees and Form E for employer
  • Arrange for each Individual employee’s tax return filing
  • Process and record annual leave, commissions & bonuses to staff

*Our monthly regular processing fees follow a tiered structure, which offers economy of scale, where the average fees per employee will decrease as the total number of employees increase. The total monthly processing fees will be the accumulation of fees for each tier in accordance to the number of head counts being serviced. The month to month actual fees will vary based on the numbers of headcount as they increase or decrease.

*Irregular processing fee will be applied as required for any employee payment processing, which does not coincide with monthly regular payroll processing (off cycle processing), e.g. religious festivities bonus, performance bonus pay-outs, incentives, etc.

Payroll implementation process

Simple steps to implement your payroll.

1. Initial assessment

The process starts with assessing your payroll needs, selecting the required services and preparation of the agreed services to commence. In this stage, we will also take the opportunity to identify other areas of improvement for a more efficient payroll process overall.

2. Service blueprint

Once we have agreed to proceed with the services, we will produce a payroll blueprint document. The blueprint defines all aspects of the payroll administration (such as including initial data migration, ongoing processing, calculation details, reporting requirements and employee services, and payroll calendar) and it will serve as a common reference for both parties.

3. Testing phase

During establishing a test environment, we will customise the payroll system to meet your requirements, set up the system, migrate the employee data and integrate transaction data.

4. Parallel run & evaluation

Next, we will process and compare results with the previous payroll calculations. After due checks and resolution of any calculation differences, we will make a joint decision to switch to our payroll system, for the duration of the agreed contractual period.

5. Production

Your payroll system is successfully set up and ready to be rolled out.

Ongoing customer support from people who care about your team.

Get expert payroll and tax support when you need it via effective and efficient communication our team. Even when everything runs smoothly, we will send you proactive alerts of regulatory changes that may affect your business and your employees.

Acclime benefits

Why outsource your payroll
to Acclime?

Reduced operating costs

Save your operation costs with cost-effective access to proven payroll technology and infrastructure. Our fees are transparent, predictable and not susceptible to hidden costs, such as non-compliance penalties or key staff turnover. We can further reduce your costs by consolidating multiple services.

Complete payroll solution

We provide everything you will need to successfully pay your staff accurately and on time, from calculation of payroll and benefits including pay slips through income tax computation and payments and robust reporting to statutory compliance filings, all customisable to the size of your team and your needs.

Effective communication
& reporting

Simplify your operations with effectively managed payroll services. Besides communicating via a single point of contact, we will be providing consistent and robust reporting that will allow you to free up your internal resources and be on top of your payroll processes.


Common questions.

When is outsourcing payroll a good idea?
To establish an office and a proper HR team can be quite an expensive process for startups in Hong Kong. These can benefit from outsourced payroll services that are available for a fraction of the full functional office costs.
Can I do payroll myself?
It is possible, although you must be well-versed with the proper requirements under the Hong Kong labour laws.
What payroll software do you use?
We use simple spreadsheet format for payroll calculation as well as the banking platform to make monthly payroll payments execution.
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