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Business licenses
in Malaysia.

Make sure your operation has the proper business and commercial licenses and permits it needs to operate legally. Let us help you determine which licenses you will need and also obtain them.

Business licenses in Hong Kong

What is a business license?

It is essential to have a valid business license to start a business in Malaysia.

A business license can be applied from the Pihak Berkuasa Melesen (PBM) relevant to the location and business activity. All businesses must have a license, be it a general license, an industry/sector specific license or activity specific license. These include registrations, approvals, licenses and permits. The compliance requirements vary by industry, business activity and location.

Acclime can guide you through the process of obtaining the necessary licenses for your business

Business licenses & permits

Business licenses & permits you may need.

There is a high level of liability for businesses operating without required licensing. Understand what types of licensing there are in Malaysia.

  • General business licences

    General licences are those required when first registering as a business in Malaysia. We work with our clients to advise and make sure all necessary company, tax, employer and other registrations are covered. Examples include:

    • Company Registration
    • Company and Employees Income Tax Registration
    • Employees Provident Fund (EPF)
    • Social Security Organisation (PERKESO)
    • Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF)
    • Business Premise Licenses and Signboard Licenses (these requirements vary on a state by state basis)

  • Industry specific licenses

    For certain industries or sectors, specific licensing is required in line with Government policy to develop certain parts of the economy. Some Examples are licenses related to the:

    • Manufacturing esctor
    • Wholesale/retail trade – These are licenses required when foreigners wish to commence a distribution business including wholesalers, retailers, franchise practitioners, direct selling trades, suppliers, who distribute goods to the domestic market, and commission agents or other representatives including international trading companies.
    • Telecommunication and broadcasting sectors
    • Oil exploration sector
    • Banking sector
    • Insurance

  • Activity specific licenses

    Activity specific licenses are those that regulate particular activities and could be applicable to one or more industries or sectors. This category of license requires investors to comply with sets of specific guidelines which are designed to protect the interest of the citizen, employment, safety of workers, environment and general public. Examples of activity specific licenses are:

    • Certificate of fitness for certified machinery
    • Approval for expatriate employment
    • Approval to install/re-site/alter Air Pollution Control Equipment
    • Building Plan Approval
    • Sales Tax License

Single fee per license
Business license application process

How getting a business license in Malaysia works.

Let us save you time and money and help you find and apply for the necessary licenses and permits you need to start running your business in Malaysia.

Determining the licenses
you will need

We will conduct research and find out what licenses you will need to turn the lights on in your business.

Preparing and filing
the application

Once we know the required licenses, we will help you prepare the application and file it with the relevant government authorities.

License(s) acquired, you are ready for business

You receive your business license(s) and get back to work on your business. The processing time varies on the specific license type.
Ready to get started?

Let us guide you in making your company’s activities fully compliant, watertight and ready for business.

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