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Setting up a representative office
in Malaysia.

A representative office is an entity that is ideal for foreign companies seeking to study the market in Malaysia for research and business development purposes, with a view to determining whether setting up operations in Malaysia is a viable proposition.

What is a representative office?

A representative office (RO) is a non-trading entity that allows foreign-based companies to have a presence in Malaysia together with their expatriates to explore business opportunities within the country.

A Representative Office allows foreign companies a period of 2-5 years to see if Malaysia is the right place for them to stay and to start their business by setting up a company or branch. The approval for the duration of an establishment of the representative office depends on the merits of each case. There is no tax imposed on a representative office.

It is an extended office of a foreign company approved to

  • gather relevant information on investment opportunities in the country,
  • promote the export of Malaysian goods and services; and
  • to carry out market research and development (R&D).

Permitted activities by the representative office.

Advantages and disadvantages of setting up a representative office.



Required documents for setting up a representative office.

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