Offshore company registration.

If your priorities for selecting a juridiction for setting up a new company include low- or tax-free trading, asset protection, privacy and much more, then you might be looking for an offshore company. With less strict regulations and governance, the offshore company setup is becoming a preferred option for many multinational corporations.

Offshore company registration

What is an offshore company?

An offshore company is a company which generally excludes conduct of business in its country of incorporation. Hence, the company is free of its home government interference and it can be incorporated to enjoy low tax rates. It is also called an offshore IBC (international business company) or non-resident company. An IBC is frequently used in international trade; provision of services; as a holding or the making of investments; for ownership of real estate; for ownership of intellectual property, licensing and franchising.

Available jurisdictions.

We can help you with registering your offshore company in multiple jurisdictions around the world, such as Hong Kong, Marshall Islands and others.

Malaysia is also home to a popular offshore company destination – Labuan. Located off the coast of Borneo, Labuan is an autonomous federal area of Malaysia, much like an independent state. It has become reputable among the offshore financial centres in Asia and it has been attracting multinational businesses from all over the world.

Benefits of registering an offshore company in Malaysia.

100% ownership

Foreign nationals can own 100% of their company, without need of a local partner. Only one director and shareholder are required and they may be the same physical or juristic person.

Low (or no) taxes

Trading businesses pay only 3% tax on profit with a cap of RM20,000. Additionally, there is no further GST, sales or service tax. Holding companies are completely tax-free and aren’t required to conduct an audit.

Easy disposal

It is easy to dispose of an Labuan offshore company by transferring shares. Furthermore, there is no inheritance tax and no tax on earned fees and shareholder dividends.

Flexible visa

Opening an offshore company in Labuan grants you, your family and children below the age of 21 a 2-year renewable multiple-entry business visa. The visa is valid for stay in Labuan and West Malaysia.
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