Payroll management.

Timely and accurate payroll deliveries have a significant impact on employees’ morale and performance level. As this critical process may not give your company a competitive advantage, it is the ideal activity to be outsourced as resources needed for a full-fledged payroll function may not justify its benefits.

Payroll management

Save time and gain clarity with timely and accurate payroll management.

We provide a full range of payroll management services, including transactional and administrative tasks. We deliver our payroll services to high international standards are externally audited and accredited each year. Save time and gain clarity with timely and accurate payroll management. All you need to do is provide us with the data you require to input for calculations such as allowances, deductions, overtime claims and leave. Our payroll experts will then process the data accordingly, prepare the documents for your approval and prepare the diskette for submission to the bank to expedite the process.

Why outsource your payroll to Acclime.

Experienced and competent team

Our team is fully equipped with the expertise and experience to manage your payroll function. We have the people, standard operating procedures, technology, experience and knowledge to deliver comprehensive, accurate and timely payroll services to our clients.

Flexible service

Our service delivery model is tailored to suit your organisational structure and requirements. No payroll is too big or too small for us. We are ever-ready and confident to step up and deliver.

Private and confidential

We emphasise on privacy and confidentiality. We maintain appropriate security controls to protect your information at all times.
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