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Fave encountered complexities in fundraising, share issuance and market expansion, and sought expert advisory and compliance services.
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    Fundraising advisory, company secretary


Fave Asia Technologies is a fintech firm providing smart payment applications tailored for today’s savvy consumers. Fave offers an innovative paradigm to help both online and offline companies thrive by allowing them to embrace the digital realm and connect with their clients.


Fave started out in Malaysia, but soon expanded into neighbouring Indonesia and Singapore. They found themselves facing the challenge of ensuring continuous compliance and adaptability in dynamic business environments. As Fave grew and evolved, so did their operational complexity, legal requirements, and regulatory obligations.

Fave needed to maintain accurate and up-to-date compliance while managing any changes to the company’s structure, operations, or legal landscape. Additionally, they encountered complexities in fundraising, a critical phase demanding strategic insights and financial acumen. Simultaneously, the intricacies of share issuance further compounded their challenges, requiring a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics and regulatory compliance.


After meeting with Acclime’s consultants in Malaysia, Fave chose to engage Acclime’s advisory services for fundraising and share issuance, in addition to its corporate secretarial service. Acclime’s dynamic and comprehensive approach led to a multifaceted solution that shaped Fave’s remarkable journey as one of Southeast Asia’s leading fintech platforms. This solution helped establish the foundation for Fave’s expansion.


This collaboration achieved multiple milestones for Fave, including expanding into Indonesia and Singapore and concluding with Fave’s USD 45 million acquisition by Pine Labs, an Indian company specialising in financing and retail tech. Fave’s leadership remains devoted to innovation after navigating this transformative acquisition, and they plan to introduce Fave’s offerings in 3,700 Indian cities.

This alignment marks a notable feat, as Fave pioneers a Southeast Asian entry into India’s huge and promising market. It also solidifies Acclime’s role in transformative growth and cross-continental success for their clients.

About Fave

Founded in Malaysia in 2015 and now serving 35 cities across Southeast Asia, Fave is a trailblazer in e-finance solutions. Fave’s platform and applications allow seamless QR payments, bridging the gap between offline and online commerce and simplifying financial transactions for users on every digital engagement. With a mission to empower businesses and consumers, Fave is transforming fintech innovation in Southeast Asian markets and beyond.

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